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Maharlikart is a marketplace for buying and selling of fruits, vegetables and all kinds of agricultural products. Browse and order using your mobile device and get your fruits and veggies delivered right at your door!

Making a difference

Maharlikart is a 100% Filipino-owned startup focused on solving the challenges of buying and selling agricultural products. We strive to bridge the gap and connect merchants, farmers and consumers by building a robust agri-focused marketplace platform.

With the vision to help and provide technological and logistical solutions and improvements to all agribusinesses worldwide.

We are expanding day by day!

Global expansion is one of the many steps we are undertaking to completely revolutionize agricultural industry with the vision to help all involved--consumers, institutional buyers, merchants and most importantly, the farmers--worldwide.

Maharlikart aims to tap into more and more cities not only locally but globally. Therefore we need a lot of partner merchants to accomplish this goal, if you sell any kind of agricultural product, kindly fill-up this form and we will contact you for onboarding process.

Also, it would be of big help to get support from you! Follow us and check out the companies that have featured us! A heartfelt thank you!


It's never been easier! Browse fruits and vegetables, add to cart, and when you have placed your order, you can track your order status from the app. Relax and just wait for the knock on your door!


Shop anytime, anywhere

Yes, it's shopping, but for fruits and vegetables! Try it, it's as much fun!

Compare prices

Choose the best price for your budget from a vast list of our trusted merchants.

Same cart, different delivery

Your own shopping cart, but no pushing. We will do the heavy lifting and deliver it to you.

Support and help us bring innovation to agriculture.

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